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About Us

Since 1996, Superior Inspection and Consulting (SIC) has been owned and operated by professional engineers performing Construction Inspections, NYC Controlled Inspections, and Materials Testing. We are a full-service testing, inspection, quality control and quality assurance organization that has earned a valued reputation for reliability and professionalism in the construction industry. We are licensed to perform Quality Controlled Inspections and Material Testing as required by the New York City Department of Buildings. Since our inception, we stand firm in our commitment to our projects and are proud to have completed more than 200 success projects without default. Some of our Quality Controlled inspections work includes engineering consulting for School Construction Authority, NYC Transit Authority, DOT, NYC Housing Authority, Private Developer and Builders. Our philosophy at SIC is to deliver professional excellence and quality without compromise of service. The high quality work at SIC comes from its team of strong players working together cohesively to deliver the best possible product for our clients. Our vision is to deliver innovative and quality solutions for working and living. We are committed to quality through the training of our scientific, engineering, and technical personnel, and through our ability to keep pace with cutting edge technology by acquiring state-of-the-art testing and inspection equipment.

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